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No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.

                             Edmund Burke (1729-1797)


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1) Honeylove.org is trying to get beekeeping reinstated in Los Angelas. Click Here to sign their petition.


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Only when the last tree had died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish caught will we realize we cannot eat money.....based on a Cree saying.



National Honey Bee Day

August 19, 2017

The 2017 National Honey Bee Day Theme:

For A Natural High:

Smoke Some Bees!

Participants: Please send us your contact information and details of your planned event so we can include you on the "Participants" page.

Or Newest Participants

Brevard Backyard Beekeepers Club - Fl.

Program from 9am to 2pm

UF/IFAS Extention Brevard Co.

3695 Lake Dr. Cocoa, Fl/ 32926


Beepods, with the Milwaukee County Zoo have an event on NHBD.

For info, please see:


Details of individual programs on the NHBD participants page 

The 2015 National Honey Bee Day theme, "Ban Ignorance, not

Honey Bees" is closely connected with the core value of NHBD and

one of the reasons for the existence NHBD programs. To educate the

public about beekeeping, while helping the overall public understand

the importance and contributions that honey bees provide.

Ignorance is defined as: A lack of knowledge or lack of information. In regards to beekeeping and honey bees, it is our job to educate others.

There are many areas across the nation, with prohibitive or outright

bans on beekeeping. Public outreach and education are crucial in expanding and even maintaining the ability to keep bees. And our

hope is to use NHBD as a way to help in these efforts.

Almost all beekeeping groups can help make a difference. You do not need to look too far to see zoning laws, township ordinances, and

other regulatory red tape, restrictive and even the outright banning of beekeeping in some areas. Education is key.

Honey bees are as important today as they ever were. A decline in

native pollinators, due to a host of reasons, impacts local agriculture

and many backyard gardens. Beekeepers are not just vital for large

scale food production. Backyard beekeepers are vital for neighborhood

pollination. And your local ecosystem of food production for wild

animals and birds is dependent on this same pollination. Beekeepers

fill the void with their honey bees. It is that simple.

The National Honey Bee Day program will send a care packet of

bumpers stickers and other material as available, to bee groups

trying to make beekeeping accessible in local communities.

And for those blessed enough to have never gone through fighting to keep, or have beekeeping reinstated in your local area, please do not take it for granted. Help the next bee group...the next beekeeper....

the next generation. It might be the next town over dealing with restrictive zoning. But your town might be next. In the spirit of 

National Honey Bee Day programs everywhere, please help other

bee groups when the call goes out.

Thank you to our beekeeping friends out there. And thank you for

helping make beekeeping one of the most rewarding and giving acts

you can do for others.

We realize that this years theme night help some groups more than others. But the importance of our collective efforts to helping those dealing with these issues can not be greater. And we hope that each

NHBD participating bee group incorporates this message into their

NHBD program.  

We hope you have a wonderful beekeeping season. And wish you the

best National Honey Bee Day program for 2015. The national exposure

of having so many bee programs all held in unity on one day, helps the "bee community" everywhere. 

A Message to the Honey Bee Community:

Please read the information on the "Ban Native Pollinator Label" page. CLICK HERE

Please print out as needed, and pass this

on to your bee association.  

One of our very active National Honey Bee Day participating associations is honeylove.org in California. This group works very hard expanding beekeeping in the Los Angelas area. We want to say THANK YOU for all their efforts and support. Check out this video they produced for National Honey Bee Day 2013. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of0uRvQ7CYE


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Missed National Honey Bee Day 2015? Visiting this site for the first time? Make plans for National Honey Bee Day 2016 on August 20th.


We Welcome You To The

National Honey Bee Day Website.

The primary goals of the National Honey Bee Day Program include:


1) Promotion and advancement of beekeeping.


2) Educate the public about honey bees and beekeeping.


3) Make the public aware of environmental concerns as they effect honey bees.







Important Message to Beekeepers,

Bee Groups, and the Public:


While great strides have been made in recent years in

getting ordinances passed allowing beekeeping once

again in many parts of the country, there are also ongoing

efforts in some locations trying to ban or severly restrict beekeeping elsewhere. Building support within your own

community is as important as ever in the bee industry.


Invite key local politicians such as the mayor, township supervisors, zoning board members, and state politicians

to your National Honey Bee Day event. Build bridges, and

connect with others who could possibly help in the future.

The bee industry, and your local bee community, can benefit greatly from connecting with others and getting more

educated in beekeeping.

                   Get Involved. Be proactive...not reactive!

Below: Special thanks to all those at the Jimmy Carter National Historical Site in Georgia for their participation and support of National Honey Bee Day and honey bees everywhere. (Picture from 2014 activities)

The National Honey Bee Day program started with a simple concept. Bring together beekeepers, bee associations, as well as other interested groups to connect with the communities to advance beekeeping. By working together and harnessing the efforts that so many already accomplish, and using a united effort one day a year, the rewards and message is magnified many times over. We encourage bee associations, individuals, and other groups to get involved. The program is free and open to all.

Sponsor and Contributors


The National Honey Bee Day program operates and is funded by the generosity of our sponsors and contributors. Please check out our sponsors page, and patronize the businesses that are helping to make this program a success all across the country.



Latest addition to the website:

What NOT to do if you find honey bees. See the video link on the News and Events page. click here. Please help save the honey bees.



PennApic and the National Honey Bee Day program is seeking submissions for logo artwork and graphics to be used for marketing and promotional use. We would like to support an inspiring graphic artist or individual who would like to add to their portfolio by helping out a nonprofit association while getting national exposure. We would like something that is unique, easily recognizable, and used exclusively by PennApic and the NHBD program. If this interests you, please contact me by clicking here. Thank you.   

Future NHBD Dates:

2017    Aug 19

2018    Aug 18

2019    Aug 17

2020    Aug 22

Mickey Beaman and the Brooklyn Beekeepers' Club in New York celebrated National Honey Bee Day 2012 with a bee beard.

The honey bee industry needs your help and support. Some

of the pages listed on this website are intended to

educate the public on issues,

and steps we can take to help the honey bee. National Honey Bee Day may be one day per year, but the care of the environment to which the bees reside, takes a year long commitment. We encourage

all to become good stewards of the environment through practical and commonsense approaches.

All authorized programs

and fund raising efforts

are listed on this site. If

you have questions

about a particular program

or questionable fund

raising, please notify

us as soon as possible.

Thank you. 

Ridgecrest Ca., had thier first NHBD event in 2011, which was packed with excited folks eager to learn more about honeybees. Thank you for the efforts of Dave Jester for making this happen.




We are hard at work planning the next National Honey

Bee Day program scheduled for August 20, 2016

Beekeepers: Please visit the 2016 participants page. If you do

not see your bee association listed, please contact your

association officers. If you have no association in your

area, we encourage individuals to get involved. If you or

your association wants to host a National Honey Bee Day

program, click here.

Friends of Honey Bees: If you are not a beekeeper, please

support the closest bee association or participating National

Honey Bee Day program. We encourage you to support local

agriculture markets, and enjoy local honey varietals. Please

consider making a donation to the overall NHBD program. Your contributions will support programs by allowing us to provide

educational material to schools, environmental centers, and

programs across the country.


This website has information on getting started in bees,

how homeowners can help the bees, and information useful

for giving a bee talk to a classroom or group of visitors.

Please feel free to use any of the information. It is posted

for your use and benefit.





The National Honey Bee Day program operates and is administered under the nonprofit

listing and status of Pennsylvania Apiculture Inc., adhering to all laws and guidelines

of a 501c and filed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The National Honey Bee Day program is always striving to build upon the existing

program and expand our outreach while moving forward. We value feedback and

constructive comments. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestions

or questions.


Since 9-24-10